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Foundational Values, Ethics and Business Practices


The School of Applied Business Science shield and seal were designed with specific qualities highlighted by the symbols used. The symbols were chosen, not by random but representations of what we stand for:


       The Shield


SABS logoTop Left Symbol: Monogram Ihcoyc - “Jesus” and Xpicotc - “Christ”
This relates to “Confidence” - “Our Confidence is in Christ.......”

Top Right Symbol: Fleur de Lys, “The Human Nature of Our Savior”
This relates to “Communication” - “We have such a High Priest who can sympathize with our weakness......”

Bottom Left Symbol:  Alpha and Omega
This relates to “Procedure” - “I am the beginning and the end.......”

Bottom Right Symbol: The dove, Holy Spirit
This relates to “Training and Education” - “You will be taught by God....”

 “He will give you the words to say.....”



           The Seal


 SABS seal

The School of Applied Business Science Foundational Arts:








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